Guy Fauchon - Art Police Parolee


Guy Fauchon - On Parole

Guy was recruited into the theatrical underworld by the nuns at his kindergarten in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Despite his desperate shyness, they made an offer he couldn't refuse: the Prince to blonde-haired Margaret's Princess. They tapped the vein. Or maybe the vein was waiting to be tapped. Talk to my lawyer.

The descent was quick. From Tree in grade four to Artful Dodger in grade seven, the pathway was clear — clear all the way through high school into university, where the addiction was made official. An undergrad degree. And not just in Arts, but in Fine Arts. There was no turning back.

Guy chased the dragon for years, hitting rock bottom when Green Thumb Theatre offered him a tour, which came with an Equity card. It was there he met fellow addict and now warden/sponsor, Tara. Flitting through a haze of film and television and various jobs on the boards, Guy figured he would stop using and maybe start dealing. He earned an MFA in Directing. He sequestered himself in the USA for four years, anonymous, to do it. Now, with clear eyes and a much more clear head, he looks forward to changing the landscape of his addiction via self-created works, collaborations, and illuminating explorations of what theatre is.


Miriam Colvin-On Parole


This season welcomes parolee Miriam Colvin to the Art Police project! She is a notorious dance/interdisciplinary/collaborative artist living (at) large in Smithers, B.C. (and often Vancouver). She will be reporting regularly to chief parole officer Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg for the next 10 months. We hope she doesn’t violate her parole. So far Miriam is a model art criminal! Stay tuned to see her wild and exciting projects/progress/promise. For information about how you, too, could become a parolee and get nagged, cajoled, and prodded into fulfilling some dreams, contact