We all remember that guy from high school: Black Sabbath pounding from his headphones, draped in standard army-issue clothing. Not much of a talker. You may have made fun of him or, at best, ignored him. In bANGER, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg sheds some light on this social reject and reconciles the differences between us and him.

In this dance-theatre hybrid created by the ever-morphing Friedenberg, the audience is reeled through the fast-paced, painful world of high school as seen through the eyes of a young man driven to find out how he fits in. Through heavy music, a lot of head-banging, and a smidge of angst-ridden poetry, we are given a glimpse of the survival techniques of a boy on the verge of self-discovery.

Created and performed by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg
Directed by Sophie Yendole
Original Music: Marc Stewart
Lighting Design: James Proudfoot

Friedenberg is a clear, clean and precise mover. Her physicality is a marvel of control, and her renderings…whether his swaggering walk, his humiliated defiance...are triumphs of careful observation
— Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail


  • DanceBase, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh, U.K. Aug 3 – 12, 2012

  • Firehall Arts Centre, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Vancouver July 14, 2012

  • Made in BC Tour, Oct. 16 – Nov. 7, 2009

  • Kelowna, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Smithers, Kitimat, Salt Spring, Courtenay, B.C.

  • South Bank Centre, LIFT Festival, London UK July 2, 2008

  • Imperial Theatre, Saint John, NB May 16, 2008

  • High performance Rodeo, Calgary, AB Jan. 15 & 16, 2007

  • Intrepid Theatre, Victoria, B.C. Nov. 16 &17, 2006

  • Premiere - The Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC Sept. 27 - 30, 2006