An open morning practice for movers, actors, singers, people with bodies. We'll move, write, share stories and have coffee (cafecito). The best way to start the day.

Cafecito (Spanish for 'little coffee') schedule:
8-8:45am Yoga (I’ll likely be doing part of the Ashtanga primary series)
8:50am Read for 10 minutes
9-9:15am -Continuous Movement based on the teachings of Miguel Gutierrez and is really just moving anyway you like without stopping.
9:15-30 Automatic writing
9:30-45 Hang out, I might even make coffee, cafecito ;-)
9:45am Tara gets to work and everyone has a great day because it started so well!
Children welcome! In an effort to include parents who may not have access to (or want to use) childcare this practice accepts the reality of deep practice with distractions - bring it on!

By donation.