Talking & Dancing

New Fall 2017 Dates Coming Soon.

Left of Main
211 Keefer
$150.00 plus GST


A two-day intensive focusing on the ever-evolving craft of working with movement, text/voice and the body in dance-theatre. Using experimental voice work, text, narrative, and character physicalization, we will explore the possibilities of "talking and dancing". More and more cutting edge choreographers are asking their dancers to use their voices, and actors are being asked to inhabit and use their bodies in transformative ways. The performer must arm herself with the tools to fulfill and enjoy the work being made.

Over these two days we will delve into the nitty gritty of accessing the voice, explore real methods for grounding character/emotion/desire in the body, and let loose our powers to create in the space between theatre and dance. How do voice and movement influence each other? How can we learn to use our voices to serve the choreographic process? And how can the body, movement, and gesture inform and create character and story? This intensive is open to dance and theatre professionals and pre-professionals. Actors as well as dancers are encouraged to participate.

Faculty: Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg- Dance-theatre creation and physical practice

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